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Curb Tree
Posted on Sep 12th, 2014

We have recently been notified of an issue with the Red Maple trees that was approved for planting.  There is a bug that is now attacking Red maples, as well as several other types of trees.  We are researching this bug as we speak and also working to find another option for a curb tree.
We have contacted Davey Tree and advised them not to order the Red Maples that have been ordered from residents.  We are working with Davey and a few different landscapers to find other options.  
At this time we ask that you do not plant with the red sunset maples.  We will be reviewing trees to determine what will be a better replacement.
If you still have a dead or dying ash tree you will need to have the tree removed.  If the tree is not removed by December 1st, the HOA will be removing these trees and adding the expense and admin fees onto your HOA account.  A tree company the HOA is using currently is A SAPS.  Their contact info is (317) 610-6670.  They have amazing pricing for tree removal and stump removal.