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How Much Are You Paying For Trash Service?
Posted on Jul 18th, 2019

We have heard from several residents over the past month regarding how much they are paying for trash service.  Some residents are paying $75.00-125.00 quarterly for trash and recycling service.  The HOA reached out to Rays and Republic to see about securing special rates for Sandstone Residents.   Ray's provided the HOA with a great deal.
Rays Trash will handle trash pick up for 10.50 a month/31.50 per a quarter.  This price includes 1-96 gallon toter per residence.
They also offer recycling service at 3.00 a month/9.00 per a quarter.  This price includes 1-96 gallon toter.
Total cost quarterly for trash with environmental fees would be 34.97.  Total cost for Recycling  for each owner would be 9.99 with environmental fees.  
In order to sign up for the great deal contact Ray's Trash at 317-539-2024.  Make sure and let them know you are a Sandstone resident to get this special deal.
Thank you~