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Monument Signage and Landscaping
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2021

I am sure you are asking yourselves where is the monument signage?   There were a few issues with the sizing that was initially installed.   The Board had the vendor got back and redesign the signage.   The new signs will be installed by Feb. 15th.  The company handling the installation is Sign Works.  The HOA is also installing new landscape at the Windswept entrance and the 116th and Hamble Blvd entrance. We will be removing trees from the Windswept entry- there are several spruce there that are to large for the center island and it was recommended by the City of Fishers as well as our landscaping company to open up the line of sight.   New trees will be planted but we will not be planting any spruce or pines trees.   The 116th and Hamble entry planting bed will also receive new plantings but will also be lowered- to provide a better line of sight when leaving the community.  We will also be relocating some of the irrigation during this time as well as updating the lighting.