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Fishers Ordianance - Golf Carts
Posted on Apr 15th, 2022
Fishers News Release:
April 9, 2018
The Fishers Police Department would like to remind residents of the city’s local ordinance concerning the use and operation of golf carts. Fishers’ City Ordinance No. 090214D (codified at §94.02 of the Code of Ordinances) authorizes the use of golf carts on some neighborhood streets if the following conditions have been met:
1. Fishers has determined that golf carts may be safely operated on the streets within
the specific neighborhood;
2. A threshold amount (75 percent or higher) of property owners in the
neighborhood have voted in favor of allowing golf carts within the neighborhood and the results of the election have been certified; and...
5G- Coming to Sandstone
Posted on Jan 17th, 2022
Several owners were recently notified that Verizon 5G cell nodes will be added in several communities in Fishers.   As of right now there have selected them to be installed in front of few Sandstone homes.    Fishers will be holding a meeting to discuss the installation and what the cell nodes will look like.  For more information regarding he 5G deployment please click here.   
**UPDATE- In reaching out to the City to verify meeting times- we were read a statement from the City of Fishers with regards to 5G-
This program is being placed on hold and all current permits denied.  Fishers is going to review their permitting process with regards to 5G.  See below for Fishers statement on the Public Works and Safety Board page:
 The City is reviewing ways to strengthen its 5G process for all parties involved, therefore the City will not bring 5G permits forward until the refined process is articulated to all stakeholders. Future hearing dates/times will be updated on this site.
***Update- The City of Fishers---  This information is from the City of Fishers website:  
Verizon 5G
Verizon recently informed the City of their intent to re-initiate the permitting process for their 5G technology.  
Verizon has cited its desire to concentrate on its fiber build-out as the primary reason for halting its pursuit of residential permits in Fishers. Neighborhoods that have begun the process of meeting or discussing 5G tower placements with the City, can expect:
All tabled or pending applications and permits will be re-submitted for processing. 
If your neighborhood was scheduled at a past Board of Works meeting, you will be notified again when your location is prepared for a public vote. 
The City intends to restart the permit process from the beginning, meaning you will have another opportunity to review placements and discuss locations with Verizon Wireless and the City of Fishers.
5G implementation continues with all previously approved residential permits. Additionally, Verizon has the authority to continue with the construction of 5G towers located in the public right of way.
If you have questions, please email or contact Makenzie Poole at 317-595-3151.
For updates you can visit:
Posted on Jan 17th, 2022
If you are in need of a new mailbox please contact Mailbox Solutions at 317-460-1010 or Sign House at 523-7301.  Let them know which section you live in and they will have pricing for you.  All mailbox colors, lettering and style are to be consistent with your section.
Rental Restriction
Posted on Jan 17th, 2022
Watch  your mailbox for some important information regarding renting in Sandstone HOA.    
here is he current rental restriction information as well as the ballot. 
Please submit your ballots to  You can print them off, sign through Docu-sign, take a picture of the filled out ballot and send via email or you can mail too:
Sandstone HOA
3002 E. 56th St. 
Indianapolis, IN 46220
Sandstone Board Facebook Page
Posted on Jan 17th, 2022
If you want to get updated information regulary please check the Board operated Facebook page:
Monument Signage and Landscaping
Posted on Apr 2nd, 2021
I am sure you are asking yourselves where is the monument signage?   There were a few issues with the sizing that was initially installed.   The Board had the vendor got back and redesign the signage.   The new signs will be installed by Feb. 15th.  The company handling the installation is Sign Works.  The HOA is also installing new landscape at the Windswept entrance and the 116th and Hamble Blvd entrance. We will be removing trees from the Windswept entry- there are several spruce there that are to large for the center island and it was recommended by the City of Fishers as well as our landscaping company to open up the line of sight.   New trees will be planted but we will not be planting any spruce or pines trees.   The 116th and Hamble entry planting bed will also receive new plantings but will also be lowered- to provide a better line of sight when leaving the community.  We will also be relocating some of the irrigation during this time as well as updating the lighting. 
Did you know???
Posted on Jan 22nd, 2021
~Did you know that gas line easements that are located in the Lakes and Meadows are on homeowner property?  These easements are not common property.   These are within other owners property.   There only common property with a gas easement on it is in the Meadows.   We have heard a few complaints from several neighbors that live along these easements with regards to other neighbors using this area as walk thru, dirt bike
Street Tree Permit Link
Posted on Jul 18th, 2019
Click on the link below to be redirected to the Fishers Website for the Parkway Tree Permit.